Job offers

Research Associate / Staff Scientist position in placenta
and risk for neurodevelopmental disorders
A Research Associate / Staff Scientist position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Gianluca Ursini at the Lieber Institute for Brain Development, Johns Hopkins Medical Campus, Baltimore (MD), USA.

The major focus of the U.R.S.INI lab is understanding how the intersection between genetic factors and the environment affects early trajectories of risk for neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs). The lab aims at defining the placental biological processes linked with genomic risk for NDDs and relevant for brain development, using in vitro and bioinformatics approaches.

The Research Associate / Staff Scientist will culture induced pluripotent stem cells reprogrammed from patients and healthy controls, and they will differentiate them into trophoblast stem cells, syncytiotrophoblasts, and extravillous trophoblasts. They will then follow downstream analyses to detect whether and how patients’ placental physiology differs from the healthy control group. The scientist will also have an opportunity to work on a project aimed at detecting predictors of offspring outcome in maternal blood collected during the pregnancy complicated with SARS-CoV-2 infection. A Bachelor’s degree (Research Associate) or a PhD (Staff Scientist position) in molecular biology or a related field is required. Expertise in stem cell, trophoblast cultures, and/or placental biology would be a plus.

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