Erasmus MC. Department of Obstetrics and Gynacology

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Main placenta-related topics:

I have a broad training as a general obstetrician, which was followed by specialization in perinatal medicine. I have extensive and broad experience in the performance and interpretation of US scanning. From 2013 on I have been working as a consultant in the Erasmus MC. I have been a part of a research group with long standing and vast experience in embryonic and placental growth trajectories. Data were obtained from an ongoing periconception observational hospital cohort study (Rotterdam Periconception Cohort/Predict study) as well as a population-based cohort study in which I am involved in as a co-investigator. My research focuses on three dimensional (3D) ultrasound (US) and virtual reality (VR) to investigate utero-placental vasculature development in relation to placental health and pregnancy outcome.

Techniques & Technologies:
• 3D Power Doppler

•Virtual Reality Imaging

•Advanced Image Processing

•Artificial Intelligence

Principal Investigators

  • Prof. E. Steegers, MD PhD
  • Prof. R. Steegers-Theunissen, MD PhD
  • M.Rousian, MD PhD

PhD students & Postdocs

  • I.Reijnders, MD, PhD
  • Vos, MD, PhD student
  • W.Bastiaansen, PhD student


  • A. Koning, PhD