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8 Postdoctoral Jobs at the Center for Early Pregnancy and Reproductive Health, Jena, Germany

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has approved the establishment of a “Center for Early Pregnancy and Reproductive Health” (CEPRE) in Jena. CEPRE was launched on 01.11.2023 and will run for a total of 6 years if the interim evaluation is successful.

CEPRE serves as an integrated platform uniting clinical practice and pioneering research aimed at addressing the needs of women facing challenges in achieving successful pregnancies, ensuring both maternal and child health.

This initiative is designed to nurture and develop young medical and clinician scientists, along with an ethicist, fostering expertise in translational science on reproductive health. This encompasses a seamless progression from fundamental research excellence to its practical applications in clinical settings, underpinning a strong emphasis on ethical considerations and legal frameworks.

A collaborative consortium comprising experts from Jena University Hospital and Friedrich Schiller University renowned for their proficiency in reproductive sciences, obstetrics, fetal neurology, molecular biology, bioinformatics, and ethics, will oversee this comprehensive training program. Participants will embark on their individual scientific projects while receiving structured guidance, facilitating a holistic education geared towards patient-centered research aimed at enhancing and preserving reproductive health.

The program leverages the well-established foundations of medical and clinician scientist structures at the UKJ, providing an optimal environment for scientific education and progress.

Please apply until 04.02.2024 via the following link containing a full description of the positions