Jena Placenta Lab

Department of Obstetrics, Jena University Hospital, Germany

Main Placenta-Related Topics:

We are a group of international scientists with diverse backgrounds and interests who perform research in several areas of human reproduction and pregnancy. Four group leaders and their teams constitute the Placenta Lab.

Our research focuses on different aspects of human reproduction: Physiology of the human placenta, function and regulation of placental trophoblast and immune cells, regulation of placental angiogenesis, pathological pregnancies and placentas, communication of placenta with maternal immune and neural cells via extracellular vesicles and non-coding RNA, effects of pollutants on maternal health and pregnancy outcome, aspects of preparation of the uterus for embryo implantation and placentation with emphasis on immunological factors and cells, physiology of the female reproductive tract, placenta toxicology and animal testing alternatives.

Head of the Lab

Prof. Udo Markert, MD

Group Leaders

  • Prof. Tanja Groten, MD
  • Priv.-Doz. Diana M Morales Prieto, PhD
  • André Schmidt, PhD
  • Astrid Schmidt, PhD

Special Techniques & Technologies

  • Placenta perfusion
  • Isolation of extracellular vesicles
  • Placenta explants
  • Organ-on-chip models
  • Spheroid models and other 3D cell cultures

PhD Students & Postdocs

  • Jose M Murrieta-Coxca, PhD
  • Silke Große, PhD
  • Jana Pastuschek
  • Paulina Fuentes
  • Julian Henao
  • Lingyu Wei
  • Hephzibah Winter