University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

Department of Biomedicine and Prevention


Main placenta-related topics:

§ Identification and characterization of factors involved in placental morphogenesis and development of placental diseases

§ Development of in vitro models simulating the human placental barrier

Techniques & Technologies:

•Development of murine trophoblast stem cell cultures

•Culture of murine and human trophoblast stem cells

•Culture of Placental Villi

•Isolation and culture of human trophoblast cells from term placentas

Principal Investigators

  • Luisa Campagnolo, PhD
  • Micol Massimiani, PhD

PhD students & Postdocs

  • Valentina Lacconi, PhD
  • Ilenia Carriero
  • Claudia Bianco
  • Dolores Lobresca

“Catholic University of the Sacred Heart”

  • Silvia Salvi, MD, PhD
  • Stefano Fruci, MD Federica Totaro, MD