The European Placenta Group is an association of European researchers and clinicians all working in relation with pregnancy and placenta, in humans and in mammalian species.

For any question, you can contact us at contact@europeanplacenta.com

Upcoming meetings

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
The International Society for the Study of Hypertension in Pregnancy (ISSHP) congress will be held in Montpellier from August 28 to September 1, 2022.

The congress will be held in hybrid mode, but if you can be physically present, in the nice, sunny city of Montpellier, then it will be a renewed occasion to discuss directly the topics that we are eager to advance. 

On this occasion, we wish to evaluate a novel ‘bottom-up’ way of building the scientific program. The idea is that those who are motivated to contribute to this congress will email a title (about 10 words) and 5-6 keywords about the topic to the submission website or to (daniel.vaiman@inserm.fr).

This will help us identify the strongest topics
If this is a success, the local scientific committee will build a program from these replies, attempting to give maximal importance to the most exciting scientific questions.
We expect your answer by November 22, 2021.
We hope that the new method will meet with a huge success.
It would allow the participants to acquire the most thrilling information about the most recent progress on Hypertensive Pregnancies.

Just past

IFPA – EPG meeting online

Fantastic meeting online, that you very much to the organiser Marie Van Dijk


GFP meeting

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 2021 meeting of the “Groupe de la francophonie placentaire” (GfP) which, due to ongoing coronavirus restrictions, will be held in the hybrid mode (online and on-site) this year! 

The 8th GfP meeting will take place from Monday, September 6th to Tuesday, September 7, 2021 in Nantes. 

This year, with the theme « Ma mother, my Placenta and me » and in the continuity of previous meetings, this meeting aims to encourage research on the placenta and associated obstetrical conditions, to facilitate international French-speaking collaborations, and scientific and methodological exchanges in our field. 

The conference is open to researchers, teachers, students and clinicians. The invited speakers are specialists in placenta coming from various backgrounds (immunologists, geneticists, physiologists, obstetricians, biochemists, pathologists, toxicologists…). The meeting is organized to allow all participants to present their research project and to discuss allowing a special Tribune for young investigators. 

The meeting is free but needs registration on the website



Welcome to all! 

Comité organisateur : Véronique Ferchaud-Roucher

Comité fondateur du GfP : Cathy Vaillancourt, Marie Cohen, Thierry Fournier

The language of the meeting is French.

Abby Fowden retirement

Dear all,

Professor Abby Fowden is retiring next month after 45 years as a member of academic staff at Cambridge.  

Abby has made a significant and valued contribution to research and teaching in the Department, including time spent as acting Head of Department and as Head of the School of Biological Sciences of the University of Cambridge.  Her internationally renowned research work has focused on the control of feto-placental growth, metabolism and development, and the long term consequences for adult health.  To date, Abby has published over 300 peer-reviewed articles with 20,000 citations.  Equally important, Abby has mentored and encouraged many young scientists in their own research careers.

There are plans to organise a research symposium for Abby next year but in the meantime, we congratulate Abby on her exemplary research and teaching career, thank her for her encouragement and kindness to colleagues, and wish her well in her retirement. 

The EPG group